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Easy to update with our inpage editing systemContent management

MAXMINI - starting from $1300

A maxmini site is a quality built site with a responsive design that will adapt to smartphones as well as normal web browsing , features and customisation are minimal but additional work can be performed on an hourly basis.

It can include diverse content, pictures and forms on contact pages, with a stylesheet driven design it will adjust the content to fit with the look and feel of the site.

Your site will be submitted to  Google analytics and sitemaps are created for submission to search engines.

This is an ideal package for taking your business to the next level.

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MAXCORPORATE - starting from $2500

A maxcorporate site, whether built in maxmoment CMS or Wordpress/opensource, would allow for multiple pages, categories, forms  and sub-categories/subnavigation as well as have certain interactive elements.

Design elements within the page with custom layouts and a customised stylesheet, allowing responsive adjustments for viewability on smartphones, tablets and other devices.

Basic SEO of titles and keywords will be set into the site, to enable search engines to start categorising your content and pushing your rankings, more indepth SEO packages can be added on at any time for more impact in Google, Bing and Yahoo to mention a few, Google Analytics, Business Places and sitemaps are submitted to prime your sites new updated content.

We will assist in Social media and integrate any accounts you already own.

This is our premier corporate business package. 

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MAXCOMMERCE - starting from $3200

maxcommerce is our shopping portal linked with various payment gateways from paypal to eway, combined with a fully styled layout for each page and multiple layout options, all pages when created are tagged with keyword based descriptions and optimised for Google.

Products can have multiple options and are fully customisable via our in page editors, Items can be related to others allowing for 'You may also like' sections to keep the customer interested.

Items are depth categorised with quick access URL's that are Google friendly.

Full custom work is available on this product and will be shaped & designed to suit your budget and your website objectives.

This is all combined with the full package of our maxcorporate option, giving you everything you need to get your business moving forwards.

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At maxmoment we understand that your website cannot fit in a box and needs to be designed around you and your corporate or shop identity, that is why our systems are built to encompass any and all amounts of custom work to each and every facet of your web site.

whether updates to your existing maxmoment website or from the start, we can cope with many options of data capture or scenarios that you could think of.

Customised designs and multiple layouts, nothing is out of reach. give us a call for a no obligation chat.

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A maxcommunity site, is a customised CMS application, incorporating social network software based upon your brief. It would typically include a membership or listing component, a forum or blogging platform, numerous social media components, mobile community enhancements, and sometimes an e-commerce component in addition to a multi-functional website designed for your specific community.

It can encompass as much or as little as you want to launch so getting started is not going to break the bank

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