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A maxcommunity site, is a customised CMS application, incorporating social network software based upon your brief. It would typically include a membership or listing component, a forum or blogging platform, numerous social media components, mobile community enhancements, and sometimes an e-commerce component in addition to a multi-functional website designed for your specific community.

maxcommunity has been developed to take advantage of the rapid expansion of online communities - fan clubs, alumni associations, membership forums, special interest directories, sporting clubs, business networks, even dating sites. Online communities have become the new forum for information exchange, a space in which you can interact with like-minded people and share views, knowledge and experiences.

As the web matures, new sites and communities will spring up all over, offering visitors niche opportunities in contrast to large interactive options such as Facebook. Owners of online community sites need to create added incentives for members to constantly return to the site to continue networking and expand their relationships. Site managers therefore need to have a strategic but flexible business plan that can grow and evolve with the changing needs of their target audience.

So with all these things it mind it stands to reason that a community site needs to offer a multi-platform, multi-dimensional interactive internet space that can respond to growth and change.

Having the valuable collateral of a committed membership or listing database, online community sites can attract significant revenue in the form of advertising as long as the site traffic is up to projections.  In addition, a revenue stream can often be created from the membership base itself. If you have a community business model that can demonstrate a potential revenue stream, talk to us about our payment plan option.

maxmoment interactive will:

  • Make time to meet with you to discuss your requirements, client brief and business plan where relevant. Following which we prepare a quotation for your review.
  • On principle approval of the quotation and understanding of the business plan roll out, allow for a further session/sessions to confirm platform, software, navigation and content requirements.
  • Provide confirmation of suggested site map with reference to menu, navigation & member interface.
  • Set up and design the look and feel of your website, based on your marketing collateral supplied and provide 4 X flat PDF designs for client approval as base layouts for various sections.
  • Following client approval, customise and build the site and upload basic content as agreed in the quote.
  • Include a password driven administration area for on-going maintenance with access for you to manage content pages, navigation menu, categories & sub-categories, images and enquiry/contact forms, membership interface and log ins etc.
  • Set up for customers/public to purchase products on-line through PayPal, eWay, or just check out and send orders for you to process according to your preference.
  • Where relevant import products & images for the e-commerce section as quoted.
  • Automatically provide the ability for client to add keywords & descriptions for Google searches to each product & content pages in order to assist with Search Engine Optimisation (SEO). In addition we link comprehensive Google Analytics and Google sitemap & url submission once the site is live.
  • Provide hosting on the maxmoment interactive server and provide a 4 hour tuition to site content manager in using design mode on maxcommunity CMS.