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Social media can drastically improve rankings and businessSocial Media

Facebook, Twitter, You Tube, Google + integration & email marketing

For the right product, service or profile, Social Media Marketing can build on and significantly expand your business's success. Strategically employing social media like Facebook and/or Twitter can increase your visibility and generate 'word of mouth'. Want to go viral? Talk to us about the power of social media marketing, and generate some  'buzz' about your business!


SOCIAL MEDIA POWER PACKAGE  - $660.00 per month incl gst

Need help breaking into social media.

Our Social Media Power Package includes:

  • Daily content researched, prepared, posted & published by a dedicated team
  • New content published daily to Facebook, Twitter, Google + and Linked In
  • $120 of Facebook or Twitter Advertising per month included
  • All content updates prepared in advance so that you have the opportunity to check them yourself before they go live
  • On-going addition of relevant Fans and Followers to your profiles
  • Monitor what's being said about your brand or business on Social Networks, Blogs, The News & other comment areas
  • Comprehensive Social Media Metrics Reporting
  • Daily moderation of your profiles to monitor for enquiries, feedback etc

Dedicated team of Social Media Technicians:

Using our understanding of your online objectives and your target market, our team of social media specialists will recommend which Social networks are best suited to achieve these objectives.
All of your content is researched, prepared, posted & published by a dedicated team. All of our Social Media Technicians are university educated and make grammar, relevance and attention to objective the very highest priorities in every update they prepare for you. Of course you can also still create your own posts as often as you like.

$120 free Facebook Advertising every month

Since the Stock Market listing of Facebook and Twitter the main Social Media channels are no longer offering a free ride to businesses and brands. They need to return revenue to their new shareholders and they are raising this through advertising. This means that we need to use a small but well managed budget to leverage the best results from the Social Network users who you want to reach. Don't worry, this is all included in our prices. You won't have to pay a penny extra in order to ensure that your posts reach a greater part of your Fanbase and beyond.



LINK IN 2 SUCCESS PACKAGE  - $1100.00 per month incl gst


  • Successful response at the end of each campaign
  • Build warm rapport and create buy in with senior level decision makers and your ideal customers
  • Bring traffic to your profile
  • Increase online presence, credibility and sound reputation
  • Successful response at the end of each campaign?

Why use LinkedIn:

  • High Readership rates
  • Bypass Spam Filters
  • Build credibility
  • Build a solid reputation
  • Warm up your leads

Our Process
1.    Tell us who your ideal prospects are or who you would like to do business with.
       The best strategy is to target people who you get the MOST business from.
2.    We use your original profile on LinkedIn or make a new one
3.    We optimise your profile to make it keyword friendly and make sure it’s complete.
4.    We add 50 targeted groups to reach your target audience.
5.    We give feedback on how you can boost your results further to get the best out of your campaign
6.    We send out your 1,000 targeted invites, strategically growing your network
7.    We follow up with all new connections with a personalised welcome message
8.    We export all connections to a CSV file and send to you as a backup.
9.    We deliver daily reports of our progress to you – you are never left guessing what is happening.
10.    You receive inbound enquiries, meeting requests and open up business conversations.

$1000 + GST for the entire campaign including profile set up and optimisation, sending 1,000 targeted invites, follow up response message, daily progress reports and downloading connections to a CSV file.

Twitter.......................set up $395


We create your business landing page &  customise your corporate look & feel for Twitter and provide a " how to get started with Twitter" document

 YouTube.................set up $395


We use your profile picture & thumbnail to create your online identity

Google account integration......starting from  $300


we can assist in setting up your Google identity including  maps, places, Google+, analytics & web sitemap -  integrating this into a single account managed & controlled by yourself

This is fast becoming an essential social media must have & incorrect initial set-up can  set you back months

email marketing ......set up $400 


email marketing is an important tool to keep in communcation with existing clients professionally

we  set up your email template with your corporate identity to display in the most popular email programs allowing you to send  unlimited emais up to 500 recipients for a monthly fee of $25

Manage your lists & subscribers, monitor you open & link clicks and receive great reporting & analytics with Google integration.