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Video Production made easy

People remember videos 95% of the time; text is typically remembered only 10% of the time

Online videos are fast becoming a must-have for businesses seeking a legitimate online presence. Not only the easiest and fastest way to generate leads and convert sales online, it isn’t anywhere as expensive or complicated as most people think!  And, you don’t even have to be on camera!

CLICK ON THE VIDEO BELOW to see a smart, fun, inexpensive and less-than-sixty-seconds sample of our expertise.

At maxmoment we strive to put all our customers at the forefront of the most powerful online tools and strategies, so we’ve put together some video packages tailored for the small and medium business owner looking to grow their business online.

If you aren’t sure how video might work in your business, here are a few examples…

-    Create a promotional video for a new product, service or special offer and send it to your existing customers via email and social media
-    Put a video on your website to tell visitors what you do and why you’re the best
-    Make an educational video that your customers are searching for and get it ranked on Google and YouTube
-    Offer potential customers a free training video in exchange for joining your email list

We’ve tailored our services to make it dead easy for you. It can be as simple as answering a few questions about your business and sending us your logo and any relevant photos or graphics that will be useful in the video.

Get on board the video revolution that smart businesses are tapping into to generate income online.


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